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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Real couple: H&S

H&S, originally uploaded by Maida Vale.

Since my last post shared a moment from my own wedding, it might be a good time to give details from the event. After getting engaged, I got sucked in to planning beyond belief. I scoured the internet for inspiration, read every magazine possible and jammed a huge binder full of ideas. I pretty much turned into a typical bride! As a girl who didn't want a big dress or a bouquet toss, I encountered challenges along the way as I searched for unique elements that would personalize our event.

In the end, our budget forced us to turn into a DIY couple–creating everything from monogram banners that flanked the entrance to our ceremony to hand-embossed napkins perfect for signature cocktails at our reception. It was a lot of work, but well worth every minute of the effort we put into it.

Outside of the tangible details we created, we also personalized our wedding by doing a few key things just a little differently. Before walking down the aisle hand-in-hand, we each took a stroll through the garden where our ceremony was held with our parents by our sides. And, instead of riding off in a rented limo afterwards, we took a gondola ride right outside of our reception location. It was a goosebumpy moment for us–one that we enjoyed away from a crowded cocktail hour as we let our new commitment to each other soak in.

Click the following thumbnails to enlarge. More "real couples" will follow in the future. Until then, happy Thanksgiving!

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