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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Make it yours!

H&S, originally uploaded by Maida Vale.

The best weddings are the ones that truly reflect a couple's happiness. I can't tell you how many ceremonies I've witnessed where the couple was hardly mentioned. Don't let that happen to you! Guests leave with warm hearts when they've been let in just a little more than normal.

If you have a story that is too cute not to share with your guests, share it. Incorporate special moments from your dating history into a toast, or create a photo album or scrapbook that sits on display with your guestbook or escort cards.

If you have a talent or hobby that you are passionate about, incorporate it. My musician husband arranged to serenade me with the big band at our reception. I was surprised and touched by this gesture. Many of our guests hadn't ventured out to his late night gigs, so they were also excited to see him perform. The photos that resulted keep us reminded of that special moment in our big day.

So, when planning your ceremony or reception, think about what makes you... you. Whether that be something that reflects you as an individual or as a couple, work it in. Your guests will be left with something to talk about.

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