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Friday, November 21, 2008

DIY: Monogram Banners.

Make the entrance to your ceremony or reception with these elegant monogram banners. After your big day has come and gone, they're wonderful mementos.

All supplies can be purchased at a local craft. The finished size of these banners is approximately 26" tall by 22" wide with the initials being 14" tall.
  • Upholstery fabric: Purchase enough fabric to make two 26" x 22" banners. When possible, choose a heavy upholstery fabric in your color palette.
  • Stitch-witchery or sewing machine
  • Dowel rods: 4 in 1/4" widthCut dowel rods to approximately 30" long.
  • Styrofoam: 22 sheets of floral styrofoam, approximately 1" thick.
  • Floral buds: Purchase bunches of inexpensive, seasonal flowers.
  • Ribbon: Choose a sturdy satin ribbon.
  • 2 Snaps per banner: You can use other alternatives, such as Velcro. These are not required if you wish to create a triangular hanger.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Invisible fishing line thread


  1. After cutting the fabric to size, use stitch-witchery or a sewing machine to hem the edges. Create a pocket at the top and bottom of each banner by folding the fabric over and placing the hem low enough for the dowel to fit into. Be sure to leave openings on either side so the dowel can slide in easily.
  2. Using software such as Microsoft Word, print initials at desired size. The sample used letters that were approximately 14" tall. To print at this size, use the "tile" setting on your printer to create a large stencil. Doing so will print the initial onto several pages that can then be cut out and taped together.
  3. Trace around the initials' edges onto styrofoam. Cut with a utility blade.
    Tip: If the styrofoam breaks, it's not a problem. You can hot glue it back together. For added support, use wooden skewers to support any breaks that might occur.
  4. If you purchased flower buds in bunches, you will want to cut off individual buds. Using these individual buds, cover the letters completely using hot glue and by pushing the stems into the styrofoam.
  5. To attach the letters to the banners, use a combination of hot glue and clear fishing line to attach/sew the letters to the material.
  6. Attach ribbon to dowel rods. Sew snaps to the appropriate place on the ribbon to create a hanging loop. Creating a triangular hanger is much easier and only involves looping one large piece over each end of the dowel.

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