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Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Etsy find for the fellas.

This is what Etsy is all about! Seller Cyberoptix TieLab creates custom ties that give you the chance to add yet another personal detail to your wedding. In addition to the numerous patterns they offer, the TieLab has a wide range of colors to choose from in microfiber or silk. So, basically, they make it pretty darn easy to pull your wedding's theme through to the men in your life. In their own words, these are "ties that don't suck". =)


Jill Z said...

This is way exciting! Non sucky microfiber ties for vegans =) When you don't buy silk, your selections are typically terrible, so i am very appreciative of this site!!

h.Lo said...

I can certainly see Dan in a few of those, too. They're pretty cool, huh? =)