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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thornewood Castle.

Photo by Robyn Wilson

There are still more discoveries to share from last weekend's wedding show. As a relative newcomer to Seattle (we're on our fourth year here), I am not 100% up on local wedding venues. And, I had no idea there were castles anywhere nearby. ;) So, when I happened upon Thornewood Castle while wandering around the booths on Sunday, I was intrigued. Not only would the castle make for a beautiful wedding site, but the history of the building is rather interesting as well. Must remember to check out their gardens this summer, too...
Special thanks to Robyn for sharing her beautiful photo!

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about me said...

What a beautiful castle. I had no idea we had them here and in the NW of all places! I will have to take my English husband up there on a day trip from Portland.