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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sending a card isn't that hard.

When I began reading this Real Simple column on manners and the role of holiday cards in today's technology-heavy society, I immediately felt resentment bubbling to the surface. Why would a columnist focusing on manners urge against sending cards by basically calling them a waste of time and money?

Fortunately, author Michelle Slatalla questioned herself and gave this annual tradition further thought. After discussing card sending habits with friends, she concluded that a meaningful card is indeed worth the time and effort. I couldn't agree more.

While email and social networking sites may keep us connected (in some form) to friends and family, what we communicate is usually brief and impersonal. Keeping this in mind, I don't necessarily believe sending cards is an obligation, but being the recipient of such effort at this busy time of year is certainly appreciated. I personally take correspondence a few steps further by sending postcards and thank you notes (the very definition of manners perhaps?) throughout the year.

So, I continue to send out holiday cards each December. My husband and I enjoy sitting down and reflecting on the past year and composing a letter filled with photos and memories. And if I don't get a card back from you? No worries. I wouldn't dream of crossing you off our list next year.

Tomorrow, I'll share our holiday cards with you. Have you sent yours?

1 comment:

Jummy said...

I've sent some of my cards...the local ones have yet to go out...hopefully by tomorrow!