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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wayzgoose.

On Saturday, I attended my first Wayzgoose at the School of Visual Concepts here in Seattle. Oh my goodness, it was a letterpress geek's dream. So, so fun. The hubbers and I particularly enjoyed watching the Steamroller Smackdown. It's exactly as it sounds. A giant steamroller was driven across oversized printing plates to create fairly large posters. Can't wait until next year! Steamroller evidence follows below:

Giant plates are inked up.

Paper is laid across the plates.

The steamroller does its business.

Again with the business.

The print is removed from the plate.

Posters are hung from the school's balconies to dry.

Lovely little presses in the print shop.

A rad set of prints on display in the shop. I want them in our kitchen!


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What?! How cool is that!

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