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Friday, August 27, 2010

One cute giraffe.

A good friend of mine, Brooke, is expecting her first baby soon, so I was honored to be able to create shower invitations in celebration of this exciting event. =) Incorporating an illustration from another girlfriend, Annie, the design is inspired by Brooke's nickname for her little one: Baby G. G is for giraffe, after all! Pressed on my wee Kelsey, these also reflect Brooke's love of all things purple. I hope she enjoys them. Congrats, Brooke + Keith!

I'm taking some time off until after Labor Day, so see you all soon. Have a wonderful long weekend! =)


Annemarie said...

Just got mine in the mail. I love it. I knew it was one of your designs as soon as I saw it. So sorry I'm going to miss you this weekend. Have a great visit!

Penny Pickles said...

So cute - thanks again, they are beautiful and they wouldn't have been the same without you doing them! Love you!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That is adorable! Hope all is well with you :)