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Monday, June 28, 2010

The living room is done!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my husband and I have been making over our living room to create a mid-century inspired space. We put the finishing touches on everything last week, and are pretty pleased with the results. Our tiny house feels more open (thanks to the lower profile of our new sofa) and certainly more us.

The room was decent before, but it generally lacked color and interest. So what did we do besides purchase a sofa? We splurged on an Eames rocker and found a vintage sideboard, coffee table and side table on Craig's List, which we stripped and refinished. Two things we already owned (a chair from the side of the road that we refinished/recovered and a bookcase from my Grandma) fit in nicely with the new pieces. Accessory-wise, I chose a few things online and thrifted some goodies, too. Although more sparse than its inspiration, I especially appreciate the way the (primarily thrifted) plate wall came together.

Anyhow, my apologies for the quality on some of these photos. It hasn't been sunny in Seattle much lately. Regardless, I think it shows that we love our house again, and that feels good. Please check back later today for some detailed shots.


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